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This project will be a historical landmark in the evolution of drumming for musicians and listeners alike.   In the Early 1900’s when Louis Bellson added a 2nd bass drum to his kit for the first time ever, he didn’t have a clue how that would influence the drumming world!   This new pedal will do that same thing for drummers all over the world.  Here’s the scoop.

Today’s conventional drum pedals produce one beat per foot depression.  With a double pedal and/or two bass drums, the number of beats can be increased nicely for an improved sound.  This new pedal will allow multiple beats of a single bass drum with each foot depression and the timing of the beats and the intensity of the beats will vary with full control by the drummers foot.

The device will consists of two parts.  The first part is a simple Pressure Switch that attaches to ALL conventional drum pedals with NO modification or effect on the traditional use of the pedal.  The Pressure Switch is attached via a small wire to a Control Box.  The system is activated/deactivated by the drummer by pressing a button on the Control Box with his foot, similar to the way guitarists turn on and off the sound effects for their guitars with their foot pedals.  Once activated, the Control Box will send a signal to the the 2nd part of the device.

The 2nd part of the device will be an additional drum beater that is electronically activated by a plunger/solenoid system to strike the bass drum head once and then retract.  This “beater” will be separate from, and in addition to, the traditional drum pedal.  It will be mounted on a bar that is attached and secured across the back of the bass drum so as not to interfere with the traditional beaters.

The Control Box will read signals from the Pressure Switch and accordingly send “beat” signals to the new beater to produce a very rapid and varying sound.

This capability will allow drummers to create totally new sounds for music as well as seriously radical new drum solos.

Current electronic synthesizers can produce similar sounds when programmed to do so, but this device will allow the human interaction and the organic control by the drummer to be dominant.  The drummer’s skill in controlling the sounds will be paramount as opposed to the complete lack of skill required to create similar sounds with a synthesizer.

This project is being crowd funded on www.kickstarter.com.  I am trying to raise $28,000.  That should be enough to get started after paying the fees to Kickstarter, the rewards to my hopeful contributors and obtaining a patent and a several prototypes.

The video can also be seen on Youtube.  (Click this link)

The plan is to then market the product in a door to door fashion to many Music Stores and Drum Manufacturers.   I expect the product will be very popular and it will eventually be offered for sale on this website and hopefully many of the big outlets such as Amazon and Ebay and other online shops.

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John Mark

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